What’s all the BI fuss about!

As a business owner, or manager you will no doubt have found yourself from time to time, and perhaps even frequently, wondering just how the business is doing? You know that knawing sense of not being quite sure if you are on a solid footing or, if the current trends continue, what the bank balance is likely to look like in a month or a year.

Imagine having a single place to go, where you can see the Key Performance Indicators, that at-a-glance tell you how you are doing. A series of thoughtful and relevant measures that let you make informed decisions about the next best actions to take.

This week I found myself needing to point people to a few resources that help show the benefits of implementing a Business Intelligence (BI) platform to enable visual-data decision making in their business.

Here are some resources that will give you a sense of what BI might be able to do for you.

Every now and then I stumble across some quality, easy to read visual-data. This one showing growth in the city of Casey (Victoria, Australia) tells a story, without making you work at it.

If you go and explore it, be sure to click the map.

Flock Consulting’s Regional Tourism Organisation visitor stats dashboards are worth exploring. Scroll to the bottom of this page, and click around in the dashboard to see what they reveal. Be sure to click on the little diagonal arrow in the lower right corner to expand it to fill your screen.

Some extensive Power BI Dashboards & Reports. This 10 min video has an annoying voice over, but the content is good for showing what’s possible 🙂

An article titled: Investment in business analytics returns more than 10x shows that the ROI in BI continues to increase.

What is visual-data decision making, is an earlier blog post with an excellent video, showing the power of visualising data.

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