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Drive value from your data with powerful business intelligence

Drive value from your data with powerful business intelligence

Your company’s data is a precious resource that can help you to improve profitability, productivity, staff wellbeing and more. Every business has valuable data flowing through it, but most don’t know how – or don’t have time – to use it effectively.

Ping Insights is data analysis made simple.

We help businesses grow with purpose by focusing on the metrics that matter most and presenting them in a way that’s easy to understand. Bringing your data to life in visual dashboards can reveal answers to your most important questions and empower you to make critical decisions with confidence.

Know your data, know your business…

We invest in getting to know your business so we understand which data is most important to your success. Our personalised approach ensures you’re getting the most reliable and relevant information from your data and delivering it to the right people at the right time.

In our highly-connected, digital world, your data holds insights that can transform your business. Let’s uncover them together.

Put your data to work today


Understanding your business is the first step. We empower business leaders to understand their company’s data and how to use it, through 1:1 consulting.

Business Intelligence

Transforming your data into knowledge helps you to make better decisions, faster. Our business intelligence processes and platform digitise your data into visual insights you can use.

Data Workshops

Teaching your team how to understand and leverage company data through staff workshops can improve productivity and wellbeing and help to foster a more collaborative culture.


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