Live better and sleep better, with your information in a system you can trust


A radically simplified, project-centric approach to information management, for life and work.

Where is that file?

A McKinsey report found that people working at computers, spend an average of 23% of their time searching for files and information. No one taught us how to manage information, so we’ve had to work it out for ourselves - and not always effectively.

A radical simplification

CORA takes a radically simplified approach to managing digital information. Everything is held in pages, and each page belongs in one of just four connected locations.

Easy to file and easy to find.


Reduce decision fatigue

Focus on what's in front of you, trusting the system to surface the important and relevant information in a timely fashion.

The framework is logical, easy to understand and easy to follow.


Innovation and connections


Leonardo da Vinci

Making new connections between disparate ideas

His expertise in anatomy helped him to create better portraits and sculptures, and helped him make sense of mechanics and engineering.


Sir Richard Branson

Equation for life . . . A + B + C + D

”Always Be Connecting the Dots. It's not about creating newness, but making sense of what you have, and shaping it in new and interesting ways.”


CORA is your digital second brain

When the body is at rest our human brain goes to work, building connections between existing information and what has been encountered during the waking hours.

We mimic this, with a few simple principles:

  • Just four places for storing all your information
  • Making the obvious connections explicit
  • Regular reviews ensure what's relevant, keeps floating to the top

The result is that time and attention are freed up, to focus on the self-evident priority actions.


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We don’t rise to the level of our goals, we fall to the level of our systems. ~ James Clear

Don’t get left high and dry