Webinar | Aug 16, 2022 (9:15am)

A better way of organising files and information

Where’s that file I need? Individuals and organisations alike are experiencing one of the paradoxes of the information age:

With access to more and more data, it is becoming harder to find the information we need. We are basically drowning in data while thirsting for information.


There’s never a problem without a solution

Using computers since 1983, I’ve constantly sought to make them work better for me, and I think I’ve finally found a way. Now I want to share it with people and enterprises who are making the world a better place.

What if we could organise information:

  • To make it easy to retrieve when it becomes relevant
  • To make the next action inherently obvious

Let me explain the essence…

Imagine if you only had just four connected places to store everything. With just four clearly named, logical and connected places, how much easier it would be to know where each new piece of information belongs!


As each new file, note or information comes along, you will be able to quickly capture it, and get back to work on what’s most important.

As you use the framework you’ll be effortlessly creating a web of connections across your digital assets. These connections will mimic the neural network of connected ideas in your brain, and you’ll be creating a digital second brain:

A framework that makes it easy to know where things belong and can be found, that prompts you where to focus time and attention, while ensuring you have at hand the information needed to take the next self-evident action.

Free Webinar - Tuesday, August 16th

9:15am to 10:00am – NZ time

If you are not yet using such a framework, then I urge you to consider investing 45 minutes with me, where I’ll unpack the core principles that can transform how you relate to past and future digital assets.

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Stand out from the crowd

The ability to intentionally and strategically allocate our attention is a competitive advantage in a distracted world. ~ Tiago Forte

The Tsunami of digital information continues to grow, but embracing the digital revolution, and learning the art of managing information across your work and personal life means you’ll stand out from the crowd. But more than that, you’ll be moving your life and work closer to your goals.

Responses to a four week online course we just completed:

I started out wondering if CORA might be useful to me and ended up wondering how I'd managed without it. Now I'm feeling eager to get on and bring information from all aspects of my life into it, and I want all my busy friends to use it too.

Tracy Botica

Over the course of 4 zoom sessions, James guided us through the Why, Workings, and Practical use of CORA. James' style was inclusive and interactive, fitting my "Learning by Doing" style. I’m now practicing what I have learned so CORA becomes my go-to place for organising my life!

Richard Brown

I need more focus on the many projects (work and personal), but the tsunami of information that comes in via email, texts, social media and web often overwhelms me. NOT ANY MORE! James has developed an easy-to-use solution called CORA. Take all your projects, thoughts and tasks out of your head, your paper notes, lists or however you file them and store and access on any device. The retrieval system is fantastic. James' online tutorial worked a treat and I'm progressively using CORA more each day. It's a game changer if you're busy and feeling overwhelmed.

Don Grant