The simplest daily planning tool

The simplest daily planning tool I know


Planning and intention

While we don’t plan to fail, we might fail to plan, and the subtle difference is intention. When you create a plan, you are providing a magic, creative, intentional spark.

The secret to sustained productive success is finding the method that works best for you, one you’re comfortable with and will keep using.

Then you will gently build up to success, without being brought down by not hitting your goals for the day. When used regularly, it will help reinforce the productive habit of planning, which in turn will increase your chances for success.

Our choices for how we spend our time, are endless and it can be overwhelming. Unless we’re strong, we may lean towards the easiest or the ones that distract most powerfully, rather than the ones that moves us closer to the goals we’ve set for ourselves. This just adds to a sense of overwhelm and under achievement.

It’s time to do the work that really matters, and start focusing on goals one thing at a time.

1-3-5 the conscious intentional plan for each day

When crafting to-do lists, people tend to overestimate their daily capacity, but there’s a way to organise your to-do list to ensure you complete it.

The 1-3-5 rule is designed around the reality that while you don’t often hit all your daily tasks you will most likely get at least one thing done.

So head up your task list (or use the template below) with one big thing that you will do. This should be the chunky action (maybe a 3 hour task) that will move your work or personal life forward.

Now add three medium things (maybe 40 minutes each).

And finally list five small things that will take just a few minutes each.

Imagine yourself getting them all crossed off by the end of the day.

Getting down to work

There is no one right approach, so be flexible and find what works for you, then stick to it.

Most people are more productive in the mornings, and if that’s you, then tackle the big task first and get it done. 

However, if you’re a slow starter then getting some of the five smaller tasks off your plate can wake you up before diving into the one big thing. An early morning motivational boost that comes with ticking off completed tasks can give you the energy to keep moving forward. 

Still, our days rarely follow the same structure because of ever-changing priorities and constant distractions. There’s no point in following a strict task structure if it’s constantly disrupted.

The goal is to complete the tasks and it doesn’t matter how, as long as you do.

I like to start my day with a blank sheet of paper and write my 1 big thing, 3 medium things, and 5 small things I will accomplish that day. But if you like the structure of a formatted page or want to give this a go to see if it’s a fit for you, then here’s a PDF you can download and print.

Today I Will Accomplish.pdf15.4KB