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What’s all the BI fuss about!

By James Samuel | Oct 8, 2019

As a business owner, or manager you will no doubt have found yourself from time to time, and perhaps even frequently, wondering just how the business is doing? You know that knawing sense of not being quite sure if you are on a solid footing or, if the current trends continue, what the bank balance…

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BNZ presentation on visual-data decision making

By James Samuel | Jun 13, 2019

Visual-data decision making at BNZ Nelson – Wednesday 19th June (3:30-5:00pm)

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Google Sheets and BigQuery

By James Samuel | Apr 15, 2019

Just when I had concluded Google Sheets was only useful as a Data Analysis tool for SME’s, Google announce their next lineup of features, like connecting Sheets to BigQuery so that pivot tables, formulas and charts, can now be done on billions of rows of data inside BigQuery. The video is set to skip to…

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What is visual-data decision making?

By James Samuel | Apr 2, 2019

Our organisations have been gathering data in computer (or cloud) memory for years. We sense it’s a treasure, but we haven’t invested the resources to learn how to drill into it, for its hidden insights.

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Looking at the Numbers

By James Samuel | Mar 25, 2019

The Race is On, pointed to the power of data visualisation and I promised to follow up to share my choice, following the Domo fail. After writing I was contacted by my friend Jon Foote at Flock Consulting, who was generous in sharing his experience and pointing me to the top three data visualisation tools…

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The race is on

By James Samuel | Feb 23, 2019

When a company sets an entry-level pricing for their data analytics and visualisation product at $100,000 pa, what does that say about the confidence they feel about their position in the market? Domo has done this in the last few weeks, and hopefully they’ll take their 30 day trial off their website. With no pricing…

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If you could only measure one thing

By James Samuel | Jan 15, 2019

One Metric That Matters Visualising data is getting easier, with tools like,,,,,,,, and others. While the data you collect may be helpful, you first need to reduce the noise. Why just One Metric Simplicity: Though it’s a single metric it might be a complex metric. In fact,…

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