About Ping Insights

Delivering Business Intelligence for the digital age

We help you extract the value from your business data, so that you can put it to work to improve decision making, understand your customers, optimise workflows and increase profitability.

We understand business and know data. As experienced business owners, we speak your language and understand your challenges. As data analysis and business intelligence experts, we can help you to unlock powerful information and insights you never knew were available.

In our digital world, smart businesses should be implementing visual-data decision making and creating a data-driven culture to fuel innovation and gain a competitive edge.

We make that process simple

What we do

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We empower your company to be better and smarter with business intelligence and visualisations that bring your data to life.

Most businesses don’t know how - or don’t have time - to leverage their data. We understand.

We work with you to unlock the full potential of your data.


What does that mean?

 Focusing on the business metrics that matter most
 Establishing a business intelligence system
 Implementing tools and technologies to automate data flows
 Visualising your data in easy-to-understand dashboards
 Extracting valuable information from your data
 Supporting you and your team to understand and use your data
 ... to convert insights into action

The Ping Insights Team

James Samuel in Circle for website

James Samuel

James is an experienced businessman, consultant and data analyst. Since 1982, he has been running his own businesses across a wide range of industries, including furniture making, computer hardware and software. For the past 10 years, he has been consulting with other business owners with a focus on data and technology. His background gives him the unique ability to understand client businesses and help owners and managers identify the right questions to ask of their data.

Dan Lewis

Dan is an architect and technology business consultant. He studied architecture - the relationship between people and place - in the early 2000s. He later discovered a passion for commerce and technology and was particularly drawn to the opportunity of using these tools to positively contribute to society. For the past five years, he’s been working as a technology business consultant, running a digital creative agency. His approach to development is to focus on the human experience, translating the skills and methodology learned studying architecture to developing effective, reliable and efficient business solutions.

Dan Lewis

Our holistic approach to strategy, data analysis and business intelligence guarantees that you’re getting the most relevant, actionable insights from your data.