The race is on

When a company sets an entry-level pricing for their data analytics and visualisation product at $100,000 pa, what does that say about the confidence they feel about their position in the market?

Domo has done this in the last few weeks, and hopefully they’ll take their 30 day trial off their website. With no pricing published online inviting people to spend a month building some visualisations, only to be told that it’s going to cost you $100k a year, is rude!

While it was inconvenient and a bit of a shock, I’m grateful for the insight. It says a lot about the demand for BI and analysis of large data sets.

According to a Forrester Research report Predictions 2017: Artificial Intelligence Will Drive The Insights Revolution, AI-driven companies will take $1.2 trillion from competitors by 2020.

If their prediction from two years ago was right, we’re on the cusp of major disruption.

Businesses are starting to realise the power in the numbers, but even more than that, the power in having those numbers visualised in ways the make the insights leap off the page. Perhaps it requires drilling down one or two levels to get the deeper insights, and check one’s assumptions, but if the first-glance can spark a question and the drill down’s are quick, then the intelligence can be tapped into rapidly.

The demand is growing rapidly for tools that can manage large datasets and allow you to rapidly build visualisations, without the need for code. Domo does this, but sadly it’s out of the range for most businesses with its current price tag. So in the next article, I’ll write about some affordable alternatives that can help you keep a finger on the pulse of the most important metrics in your business.

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