Looking at the Numbers

The Race is On, pointed to the power of data visualisation and I promised to follow up to share my choice, following the Domo fail.

After writing I was contacted by my friend Jon Foote at Flock Consulting, who was generous in sharing his experience and pointing me to the top three data visualisation tools in the market today. They subsequently appeared in a Gartner survey, which was reassuring, given I only have so much time to commit to researching the many tools available, and there are plenty . . .

Given my preference for Mac tools (yes I’ve used PC’s extensively too) I was looking for a web browser service that is platform agnostic. I’ve settled on Qlik Sense Cloud and am currently learning the tool, using data from my friend Don’s Penati business.

Qlik’s Associative Engine, a step up from the old SQL queries, lets you combine all your data sources, no matter how many, or how large. It will index all the relationships and make it ready to be explored. This has the potential of revealing insights that would otherwise be hard to spot.

BUT before you run off and start learning Qlik or seek out some help setting it up for your business, stop . . . and ask yourself: “What questions should I be asking?”

As a business owner, you likely have several strategic goals you want to reach, and probably have specific business questions around how you are performing against those targets and the steps you know you have to make to reach them.

Ideal business questions help you track your progress toward your desired end goal or outcome:

What eventual business outcome am I aiming for?

  • What actions will I take?
  • What metrics will I need to track, to improve performance?
  • As you come up with a list of questions, focus on the One Metric That Matters.

You won’t even need the power of Qlik for this, a simple scoreboard will do, but it will, sure as eggs is eggs, get you started on a journey of discovering the power of focus, and of data.

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